Month: October 2013

EUR/USD orders 10:30EDT 31 October

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Currently: 1.3615

Open: 1.3736

High: 1.3738

Low: 1.3608

Chg: -0.0121

Chg%: -0.88%

Forex News 31 October: Europe

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EUR/USD at 1.3620, Euro hits a new 2 week low record against dollar on thursday

EUR/GBP is down to 0.8491 from opening levels of 0.8564 despite the expected month-end buying which is likely to have been front run or just absorbed in the fall-out.

EUR/JPY has been down to test support at 133.89 while EUR/AUD has tumbled to 1.4338 from o/n highs of 1.4511.

Elsewhere GBP/USD looks supported above 1.6000 still, helped by the EUR/GBP selling, but still has good resistance around 1.6034 providing a cap.

USD/JPY has drifted off to 98.41 on EUR/JPY sales.


Forex Orders 9:30EDT 31 October

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GBP/USD 1.6061, 0.13%

AUD/USD 0.9511, 0.28%

USD/JPY 98.19, -0.35%

Dollar hits 2 week high on Thursday

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Dollar hits 2 week high on Thursday against Euro

EUR/USD currently traded at 1.3632 , -0.75%

U.S. jobless claim data has helped dollar to gain more on thursday

U.S. initial jobless claims fall

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U.S. initial jobless claims fall 10,000 to 340,000 last week following the release the US dollar continues its gain against Euro currently at 1.3644 down from earlier 1.3696.


Euro zone unemployment was 12.2 percent in September

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Unemployment at Euro zone was 12.2 percent in September, the number of people unemployed in the region increased by 60,000 in September to a total of 19.4 million.


AUD/USD orders 6:02EDT 31 October

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Currently: 0.9505

Open: 0.9484

High: 0.9512

Low: 0.9458

Chg: 0.0021

Chg%: 0.22%

HTC phone stops bullet

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A Florida gas station clerk escaped serious injury during an attempted robbery when his HTC smartphone took a bullet from a fleeing perp’s pistol.